001 Shine Springs Farm Podcast Episode 1

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These are the show notes for episode 1 of the new Shine Springs Farm Shine-cast, a podcast celebrating sustainable farming and more.

I’m excited to launch the Shine-cast. I’ll be sharing the story of Shine Springs Farm, a new farm in Northwest Alabama committed to environmental sustainability.

Still learning how to use the plugin! Look for the podcast on iTunes as well.

And in addition to updates on Shine Springs Farm, I’ll also be sharing thoughts and ideas on topics like:

  • land and environmental stewardship
  • food systems
  • creation care
  • good science–the kind of science that is built on maintaining natural ecosystems.

We’ll talk about heritage and culture, history, books, economic philosophy. And maybe even a little bit about music.

I’m starting small but I have big plans to grow Shine Springs Farm and make it a showcase for sustainable, natural, organic farming practices that are also economically viable and ecologically dynamic. I hope you’ll find the Shinecast to be interesting, informative, and inspiring.

Here’s what’s on tap for this first episode:

We’ll start with a quick preview of future Shinecast episodes so you’ll see the podcast is intended to be much more than an audio journal of my farming adventure.

I’ll give an update of what’s happening on the farm this week.

And in the main segment of this first episode I’ll give you some background on how I got to this place. I might describe this section as the history that provides the foundation of Shine Springs Farm.

Musical soundbites for this episode are from the Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn, used under a Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial license via FreeMusicArchive.org. Check out The Black Twig Pickers on Facebook.

I’m working on the website for Shine Springs Farm. Look for it soon at www.shinespringsfarm.com. In the meantime, I’ll post the show notes here.

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