007 Shinecast: Turnip Greens, Green Building & More

007 Shinecast: Turnip Greens, Green Building & More

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Episode 007 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features a detailed farm update, the health benefits of turnip greens, and a conversation with Justinn Overton, Green Workforce Program Director for the US Green Building Council Alabama.

As much as I’d like to use James Bond theme music for this episode, I did not. Copyright law and all that. Use your imagination.


Cabbage worms on Pak Choi Chinese Cabbage

In the farm update, Sheree describes the surprise attack of cabbage worms between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and how she fought back (without pesticides). She also updates developments in the blister beetle arena. How do YOU deal with cabbage worms and blister beetles without pesticides? Leave your ideas in the comments section below and I’ll share them in future episodes of the Shinecast.

It’s early October and the big question is when will the temps cool down to the point that further planting of anything other than greens is futile. It’s hard to say. The first frost/freeze usually occurs in late October, just a few days before Halloween. Early October marks the arrival of occasional nights in upper 30s/low 40s but those are sporadic. Daytime temps are usually in the 70s and it’s not uncommon to have mid-to-high 80 degree temps from time to time in October.


The First Harvest: Turnip Greens & Radishes

The first harvest from Ollie’s Garden at Shine Springs Farm featured turnip greens, pak choi and white icicle radishes.

Turnip greens are one of the healthy foods around—and many (most?) people, at least those outside the South, don’t realize you can eat the greens just like mustard greens, spinach, Collard greens, pak choi and arugula.

Turnip greens can be steam-fried and served over pasta or other grains and that’s just what Sheree did with the first harvest of turnip greens.

Green Building

Green building is a catch-all phrase that refers to the use of building design principles that contribute to a healthier, most sustainable living and working environment. The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that administers the voluntary LEED-certification program for new and retrofitted construction and advocates for more widespread adoption of green building principles.

In this episode of the Shinecast, we talk with Justinn Overton, Green Workforce Program Director for the U.S. Green Building Council of Alabama, about green building generally and how sustainable building relates to food and more livable, more healthy communities for all.


I hope you enjoy the 007-but-not-James-Bond-episode of the the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast. I’d love to hear your feedback via a review on iTunes, a comment below or on the Shine Springs Farm Facebook page.

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