008 Shine Springs Farm Shinecast: Jan Hoadley & Slow Money Farm

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This week’s Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features an interview with Jan Hoadley of Slow Money Farm. Jan shares her farming philosophy, offers tips for cooking rabbit and talks about the importance of community in farming.


Jan and her family raise poultry, rabbits and produce at Slow Money Farm. Jan blogs about Life, Farm & Food at Slow Money Farm. She’s also a Ag Chat Foundation board member.  Follow Slow Money Farm on Twitter @SlowMoneyFarm.

Also in this episode of the Shinecast, Sheree talks about naming Henry’s Garden.

If you prefer to listen via iPod, smart phone or tablet, the Shinecast is available for downloading and subscription via iTunes, Zune and doubleTwist.

Shout-outs to chuchu33 who left very nice iTunes review and Amber on Facebook. Many, many thanks to both of you for your kind words.

Teaser: Next week the Shinecast will be all about beekeeping. And maybe a bit about Isbell’s Pumpkin Farm.

Two weeks: End-of-month episode features musical guests The Wildwood Ruminators. It’ll be Halloween at Shine Springs Farm and you don’t want to miss it. The music at the beginning of this week’s episode (and last) is from a live set by The Wildwood Ruminators on October 5 in Florence, Alabama.

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  1. I have a hard time carving out time to listen to these so I wish there was a transcript in the post.

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for the feedback. I did an especially poor job with the text part of the post for this particular episode. My apologies for that.

      I did include more detail in the post for episode 009 and will definitely do a better job of fleshing out the content via a real post as I add future episodes. The goal is to transition the podcast episodes to the Shine Springs Farm website, as I get that established. (And return to more regular Ben Franklin Follies blog posts here, rather than just the podcast. Including the podcast here is a temporary content situation, not the direction of The Ben Franklin Follies site).

      If you have a smart phone, you can listen in the car or while exercising via a iTunes, zune or doubleTwist streaming via your phone, even if you don’t own an iPad or other mp3 player. I spend so much time in the car driving too/from work and the farm that I assume everyone else does, too, and that they have time to listen in the car.

      All of that said, I’m not sure a real transcript is possible. It would take way too much time for me to create a complete transcript. If I can find a free and usable voice transcription tool online, I’ll certainly add it.

      I’ll certainly do every thing I can to make the podcast content more accessible to folks who don’t have time to listen. Thanks for the feedback.


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