010 Shinecast: Farm Update & The Wildwood Ruminators

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Episode 010 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features live music from The Wildwood Ruminators, a newish band from the Shoals area of Northwest Alabama. You also hear an update about what’s growing at Shine Springs Farm and more on Koda.

A new stray dog—a yellow Lab, maybe full-blooded—has arrived at the farm and it looks like he’ll get a forever home. My dad came up with Shine as his name. What do you think?

A surprise bonus episode of the Shinecast is in the works. I recorded my presentation on “Social Media Marketing for Farmers” at last weekend’s Farm and Food Forum hosted by the Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network and the audio quality is good enough to publish the it as a podcast episode.


Farm Update

White Stemmed Pak ChoiNot a great deal to report. As of the date of recording (October 31, 2012), no frosts or freezes at Shine Springs Farm. The transplants from last week seemed to be healthy, for the most part. The transplanted radicchio looked a bit weak. The pak choi is thriving and is about ready to harvest for market.

Lots of turnip greens from the Golden Globe heirloom variety of turnips I planted. And I have two small turnips. Probably a few weeks yet to get full-sized turnips.

The mustard greens planted September 29 are looking great, as well. I harvested a few baby leaves and they’re quite tasty.

Kale chips have been on my menu for the past couple of weeks. The kale is about 2-3 weeks away from market, as well. I planted two varieties: Red Russian and Lacinato.

Happy to report that two rows of leeks are finally getting started. If you’ve been listening regularly you know I’ve been obsessed with my leeks, which I hope to make a feature crop at Shine Springs Farm.

Misato Rose Radishes

The first wave of Misato Rose radishes are coming on, right on time—55 days after planting.


Farm Dog Update

Akbash Border Collie Mix dog

Koda, October 6, 2012

If you listened to last week’s episode of the Shinecast, you know that our beloved Koda, an Akbash/Border Collie Mix, didn’t come home for about 24-36 hours and when he did show up he was injured. My parents took Koda to the vet the next morning and got him taken care of. I have to save the details for later, but he’s going to be OK.

A few weeks ago, a new dog came home with Koda, Penny and Roxie on one of their daily hunts. And he hasn’t left. He’s a beautiful big yellow dog, probably a full-blooded yellow Lab or a mix that’s predominantly Lab. He is a bit larger than the typical Labrador Retriever, but he has a beautiful block head.

My parents haven’t been able to find an owner, so it appears he was dropped off in the country to fend for himself. That happens all the time in the country. I can’t understand people who think animals are disposable.

I’ve convinced my parents to keep him. Last Sunday we were brainstorming names. Buck was a possibility, because he’s the color of buckskin, but I wasn’t crazy about the name Buck. My dad came up with the name Shine. Seems perfect to me. What do you think?


Music From The Wildwood Ruminators

On October 5, 2012, I drove up to Florence, Alabama to hear The Wildwood Ruminators perform at Tim Stevenson’s Art Gallery as part of the First Friday Art Night event. I recorded several songs from the set and am happy to include the following three songs in this episode of the Shinecast:

  • “In the Wildwood”
  • “Fiona”
  • “Huge, Blue Sky Day”

The original plan was to include an interview with the lead singer, Eddie Martin (no relation), but he had an unexpected health situation and we postponed the interview for a future episode.

In case you don’t have time to listen to the entire podcast, here’s a video clip of The Wildwood Ruminators performing “Huge, Blue Sky Day.”

Check out The Wildwood Ruminators on Facebook. They have a new album coming out very soon.

The Wildwood Ruminators October 5, 2012


Shinecast News & Feedback

The bonus episode of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast will be the last episode of the Shinecast to be distributed here on The Ben Franklin Follies.  Show notes for future episodes will be featured on www.shinespringsfarm.com.

You can always listen to the Shinecast on iTunes, zune and doubleTwist and the Shine Springs Farm Facebook page.

I’d love to hear your comments on Shine the dog, The Wildwood Ruminators and Shine Springs Farm. What do you think about music on the Shinecast?  Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Lots of great interviews in the works including sustainable beekeeping, backyard chickens and conversations with farmers around the U.S. I hope you like what you’re hearing.

By the way, I published the podcast on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (as regularly scheduled) but was delayed in getting this blog post ready. I wanted to make sure to include a full text synopsis for readers who don’t actually listen to the audio version. Thanks for your patience!





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