10 Ideas: Time for Quiet, Gratitude

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This is Day 3 in the Idea Machine practice. As explained here, I’m following along with the prompts in Claudia Altucher’s new book Become An Idea Machine.

Today’s Topic: List 10 places or moments in the day where I can pause, get centered and experience gratitude.

Since I’m already doing this, or at making an effort to get quiet each day for at least 10 minutes of silent breathing meditation, some of these are ways to expand on what I’m doing.

1. During morning coffee and journaling (like now). Quiet time for coffee and journaling is part of my daily routine now.

2. During the drive to and from work (I use this time currently to listen to podcasts, but I could turn off the audio).

3. In the moments before class.

4. This semester, I can take time between classes since (for once) I have a big gap between classes and infrequent committee meetings.

5. Just before I got to bed to sleep.

6. On Fridays, whenever I choose to.

7. On Saturdays & Sundays, whenever I choose.

8. Build quiet time into my workday calendar so that the time slots are pre-selected for those days when my schedule is filling up.

9. When I’m dining alone, I can sit quietly instead of checking my phone.

10. At the gym, I can be in the moment when I’m on the weight machines and focused on my breathing anyway.

Since I’ve taken control of my life (for the most part), it’s a lot easier to find quiet time than it used to be. That said, due to scheduling beyond my control (I don’t get to PICK when I teach or what I’m assigned to teach), last Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 were killers. I had no quiet time during the work day. If I could find 10 minutes, it was a miracle. Some days I didn’t have time for lunch.

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