Bye-Bye Lemonade Stand: Day 33

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It’s Day 33 of the Idea Machine Project and today’s topic is business ideas for kids. The premise that is that today’s kids are so tech-competent that the traditional lemonade stand is passé.

Here are my 10 business ideas for kids, other than the lemonade stand. The first 5 are do-able today. The second 5 will be viable opportunities within 18 months, if they aren’t already.

1. Dog walking

2. Grow and sell organic vegetables in the yard (or even an indoor vertical garden) and run a neighborhood CSA

3. Self-publish interactive books for other kids

4. Do photo-editing for local businesses and nonprofits

5. Video production for family events (birthday parties, etc.)

6. Home robotics programming

7. CAD design for 3D printing

8. Professional videogamer

9. Create virtual reality stock imagery and teach health care providers how to use VR for patient education.

10. Set up and troubleshoot home networked appliances.

Back in the day, I was the go-to person in my extended family for setting up the VCR and connecting all the home theatre components. Today’s kids will need to do the same for all the networked appliances.

Based on my experience with the college-age demographic over the past 12 years, the average teen is not as tech-savvy as the older generations seem to think.

In my experience teaching students in the PR/Journalism field, Gen Y is definitely capable of consuming technology, but few are capable of programming. Far fewer are interested in programming, or even the technology side of tech). Perhaps the tweens or younger will be different.

I’m not saying many kids and teens aren’t competent programmers, but in my experience they aren’t very interested in programming, however necessary that skill is becoming in today’s world.


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