Oak Hill Angus: Grass-fed Black Angus Beef

I met Richard Harvell, owner of Oak Hill Angus at the Homegrown Alabama Farmers Market in Tuscaloosa a few days ago. Mr. Harvell raises grassfed, antibiotic- and hormone-free Black Angus cattle at his family-owned farm in Eutaw, Alabama. He didn't have any steaks that day, so I bought two packs of ground round and a pack of ground chuck. The beef is all USDA Inspected, of course. At $2.79 - $2.99 … [Read more...]

Making A Rain Barrel

I spent a couple of hours at the Lauderdale County Extension Office on Wednesday, July 6, making rain barrels. Mom and I learned a great deal about how to use the rain barrels to catch water and, more significantly, how to use the rain barrels in a systematic way to run a drip irrigation system to our gardens and landscaping. Chris Becker, regional extension for home grounds, gardens and home … [Read more...]

Grilled T-bone Steak (Grassfed Beef) & Grilled Veggies

I have a steak about once every three to four weeks, preferably grilled. For the past few years, I've pretty much limited my beef consumption to grass-fed beef, buying  as "local" as possible. More and more ranchers and farmers are raising grass-fed beef and selling it directly to consumers at farmers markets. Some producers offer regular delivery points when farmers markets aren't in operation. … [Read more...]

On encountering cows while running….

I always say "Hey" to cows whenever I pass them while running. Kind of like when Scout says "Hey" to Boo Radley. … [Read more...]

Making Squash Casserole

Inundated with yellow squash? There are many ways to take advantage of the bounty of yellow squash that's coming in right now.  Boiled or steamed, raw in salads, pasta salads, fried alone or with zucchini or okra. One of my favorite dishes is squash casserole. I learned to make squash casserole from my grandmother, who was a home extension agent. I've made it so many times over many decades that … [Read more...]

Where Food Comes From: June 16, 2011 Edition

I grew up in a rural area. Many of my relatives were active farmers and cattlemen (or both), full or part-time.   My parents and grandparents always had large gardens during those formative years. Summers included lots of time spent planting, hoeing, picking, shelling, washing, peeling, canning, freezing. I was never required to do hoeing or picking, though, because the adults were afraid I would … [Read more...]

Spring Park Farmers Market: Tuscumbia, Alabama

Update for Summer 2012: According to the Times Daily, the Spring Park Farmers Market is on hiatus for Summer 2012 due to scheduling and logistical problems. Let's hope it will return for Summer 2013. Thursday evening (June 16, 2011) my parents and I paid a trip to the Spring Park Farmers' Market in Tuscumbia. Only five vendors were selling Thursday evening. In Northwest Alabama, it's still a … [Read more...]