Idea Machine, Day 19: Mental Practice

Here are 22 ideas I came up with this morning for ways that I can improve my mental performance. Some ideas will help me to more efficient, through better use of systems. Others will boost my creativity and powers of observation. As with all of these posts, I'm typing from the journal where I write them in stream-of-consciousness thinking. I'm not spending time editing, clarifying or … [Read more...]

What Does ‘Ben Franklin’ Signify To You as the Blog Name?

For some people—starting with me—the words “health, wealth and wisdom” conjure up the image of Benjamin Franklin publishing proverbs of common-sense wisdom in Poor Richard’s Almanack. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a [wo]man healthy, wealthy and wise. Some folks (many?) probably don’t make the connection between Ben Franklin and health, wealth and wisdom. Health, wealth and wisdom. I … [Read more...]

Carolina Chickadee: June 4, 2012

Last week (June 4, 2012) we had a nice rainy morning, so I spent a couple of hours on my covered patio watching the rain and watching the birds come in to my feeders for a rainy morning snack. Here are a few pics of what I think is a Carolina Chickadee. I say "think" because I discovered that the Carolina Chickadee and Black-capped Chickadee are quite similar in appearance. As best I can … [Read more...]