Sit and Gain Weight

Too much sitting is definitely bad for health and fitness. I know because I've been sitting a lot for the past month and I can detect a noticeable decline in my fitness, based on how I feel when I go for a run, and an additional couple of pounds based on how my clothes now fit. I'm not the type of person who's happy sitting behind a desk all day, but lately I've had to sit more than I'd like to … [Read more...]

Komen Alabama Race for the Cure

Yesterday, I ran the Komen Alabama Race for the Cure 5K in Birmingham. This week's Sunday Sign on The Ben Franklin Follies  is dedicated to the Komen Race for the Cure. More than 16,000 people ran or walked in the Komen Alabama Race for the Cure this year. I ran my first Komen Alabama 5K in 2002. I've also previously done the 2009 and 2010 Komen Alabama 5Ks. It's amazing and inspirational, so see … [Read more...]

I Don’t Eat Fast Food

I don't eat fast food.  To be more accurate, I should say I no longer eat food that comes from fast food restaurants. People look at me like I'm from Mars when I say this. Actually, I'm from Venus, but that's a different matter. I don't find my dislike of fast food to be at all peculiar. I was never a huge consumer of fast food, as you'll see below. Like every other working person in America I … [Read more...]

How to Make a Perfect Tomato Sandwich

A homegrown, ripe, juicy tomato, sliced, between two pieces of whole wheat bread is my idea of perfection. I can't believe that everyone doesn't love tomato sandwiches. I love tomato sandwiches so much that I took pictures of my first tomato sandwich of the year, back on June 11, and am happy to share my "top-secret" technique for making these divine delights. Step One: Start with a juicy … [Read more...]

On Running: When A Turtle Soars

I ran the Helen Keller Festival 5-Mile Run last Saturday (June 25, 2011). I finished 138th out of 183 runners. I've always been a turtle, even in my youngest running days. I ran in my first Helen Keller Festival Run back in the early 1980s. I don't recall the distance in the early years, but it's been a 5-mile run for a while now. I missed quite a few years from the mid-90s until I made my return … [Read more...]

On encountering cows while running….

I always say "Hey" to cows whenever I pass them while running. Kind of like when Scout says "Hey" to Boo Radley. … [Read more...]

Playing in the Dirt: It’s Good Therapy

Saturday evening I played in the dirt. More precisely, I dug Bermuda grass and weeds from a couple of small sections of my flower gardens. It was just the therapy I needed to deal with a bad case of melancholy that had set in earlier in the day. The simple act of pulling weeds and planting flowers reminded me of someone who created so much beauty in spite of her circumstances. I didn't sleep … [Read more...]