Bird Choreography & Rock-n-Roll

I have never guffawed but this had me guffawing. This is why I'm fascinated by nature. Go Bird: Post by 2Day FM. … [Read more...]

The Solitary Seagull

I wrote this poem last weekend after sharing a spot of beach with a lone shorebird: We are one, you and I. Literally and metaphorically. You stand against the stiff breeze, Observing the Gulf expanse and then Observing me As I arrive to share this moment in time With You. I take my seat on the white sand To contemplate the vast horizon, The possibility it inspires, and … [Read more...]

007 Shinecast: Turnip Greens, Green Building & More

Episode 007 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features a detailed farm update, the health benefits of turnip greens, and a conversation with Justinn Overton, Green Workforce Program Director for the US Green Building Council Alabama. As much as I'd like to use James Bond theme music for this episode, I did not. Copyright law and all that. Use your imagination.   In the farm … [Read more...]

Female Elephants Rescue Drowning Baby Elephant

Elephants are one of my top 2 favorite wild creatures. Well, I have lots of favorite wild creatures—I love them all—so it's not really fair to say I have a favorite. But elephants and turtles truly are at the top of my list, along with crows. This video: Wow, wow, wow. More evidence of the social nature, empathy and compassion that elephants share.   karenjohnstonuk has other … [Read more...]

Carolina Chickadee: June 4, 2012

Last week (June 4, 2012) we had a nice rainy morning, so I spent a couple of hours on my covered patio watching the rain and watching the birds come in to my feeders for a rainy morning snack. Here are a few pics of what I think is a Carolina Chickadee. I say "think" because I discovered that the Carolina Chickadee and Black-capped Chickadee are quite similar in appearance. As best I can … [Read more...]

Saving A Rainy Day

I have fond memories of rainy days. Today has been a good one. Too many rainy days, of course, can trigger a gloomy mood. And rainy days and Mondays are, to paraphrase Karen Carpenter, almost always a bad mix. But not today. I'd planned to get up at 5 to run before the sun rose high enough to make it unpleasant. But shortly before my alarm was set to go off, I awoke. To the sound of thunder. … [Read more...]

Crow adopts kitten

While trying to update the Crows Go Tubing post, I ran across this video about a kitten adopted by a wild crow named Moses. As noted elsewhere, I adore crows and kittens, so this is particularly heartwarming.   … [Read more...]

Crows go tubing….

The "Crows go Tubing" video has been pulled from YouTube and moved to another site that may or may not allow embeds. I could never get through the ad servers to find out. I decided I'd rather not direct site visitors to go through the ordeal (nor did I wait around to suffer the ordeal myself). As previously noted, I find crows to be a fascinating species.* This is just too … [Read more...]

Bumble’s Green Lizard

A couple of weeks ago I noticed Bumble (my cat) hovering over something in the yard. She was so intent that I went out to investigate Turns out that Bumble had "captured" and was tormenting a small, green lizard. At first, I thought the lizard was already dead. It was completely still. But I watched patiently. I finally saw signs of breathing. So I grabbed a piece of cardboard and slid it under … [Read more...]

Praying Mantis Waits for Hummingbird

I walked outside this morning to put something away before I left for work and noticed this praying mantis perched on my hummingbird feeder, as if lying in wait for a little hummer to stop by. I had repositioned my hummingbird feeder the day before in an attempt to avoid ants, which have been finding it in the regular location. I snapped a few pictures, moved the mantis away from the feeder … [Read more...]