Alabama Social Media Association: The Junto for Social Media

Earlier this year, several of my friends and professional acquaintances recognized the need for a professional organization committed to sharing knowledge and best practices in the realm of social media for business and nonprofit purposes. They showed initiative and established the Alabama Social Media Association, Inc., or ALsocme, for short. One of Benjamin Franklin's greatest contributions to … [Read more...]

Julie Klausner Name-Drops Benjamin Franklin (and gets more than a RT)

Anyone in my Twitter stream who name-drops Benjamin Franklin to get a retweet deserves more than a RT. Julie Klausner gets a blog post. Think of it as a birthday present. Happy Birthday, Julie. If you aren't listening to Julie Klausner's How Was Your Week podcasts, you're definitely missing out. She delivers up cutting-edge humor and pop culture commentary and she riffs on the (mostly) inane … [Read more...]

On Running: When A Turtle Soars

I ran the Helen Keller Festival 5-Mile Run last Saturday (June 25, 2011). I finished 138th out of 183 runners. I've always been a turtle, even in my youngest running days. I ran in my first Helen Keller Festival Run back in the early 1980s. I don't recall the distance in the early years, but it's been a 5-mile run for a while now. I missed quite a few years from the mid-90s until I made my return … [Read more...]

Directing 2011

Ben Franklin was a huge proponent of self-improvement. Early in his adult life Ben developed a list of 13 virtues and a plan to achieve perfection in each area. He ultimately gave up on the specific quest but I'm quite sure the process worked. Centuries later, we still see the fruits of Ben Franklin's efforts in business, science, diplomacy and civic life. I used to be all about goal-setting and … [Read more...]

From Kosoma to Bama: Happy Forever Home Day

Six years ago today "Bama" came into my life and found her forever home. I found my best friend. She's been my dream dog and I hope she's been as happy during these years as I have. I think she adores me as much as I adore her. I'd wanted a dog for over a year but started my little family with a shelter cat I named Bumble. More about Bumble in another post. Today is Bama's day. I successfully … [Read more...]

Ignite Birmingham 1: Connecting-the-dots

I am honored to have had the opportunity to participate in the inaugural Ignite Birmingham event held Thursday, April 29, 2010. As I listened to the other talks throughout the evening I began to realize that most of them featured themes or ideas that were compatible with points I planned to touch on in my own talk, also named The Ben Franklin Follies. I thought it might be fun to commemorate the … [Read more...]

The Ben Franklin Follies will debut soon.

I've had the idea for this blog for several years but never have had time to pursue it.  In fact, back around 2006 I started blogging under this title (using another blogging service) but let it fall by the wayside, due to professional responsibilities at the time. But now the time is right. Ben Franklin is my hero. I love his approach to life. He wasn't constrained by "disciplinary" silos that … [Read more...]