Video of “The Writer & the Law” Session at SCWC

June 8-9, 2012 I spoke at the Southern Christian Writers Conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on the topic "The Writer & the Law." I videotaped the two sessions and am pleased to share them here. For some reason, the Flip cam turned off during the first session (batteries were new), so I only have the first 15 minutes or so of that session, after editing the fluff off the beginning. As … [Read more...]

Storify Compilation of 2010-11 Academic Year: JMC Reconnect

Some highlights of the JMC 2010-11 academic year, as reflected in this Twitter stream maintained by Sheree Martin, assistant professor, journalism and mass communication. “ Samford High School Journalism Workshop Set for September 8 : // Expecting between 250 & 300 in attendance. JMCReconnect September 2, 2011 “ Washington Post Sports … [Read more...]

Farewell, Summer

The calendar says today is August 21, 2011. As I write this sentence, the clock says it’s 6:22 p.m.  The almanac and calendars mark the beginning of fall with the Autumnal Equinox which, this year, occurs in the Northern Hemisphere on September 23 at 5:05 a.m. (EDT). Despite all the official rules to the contrary, my heart declares today the last day of summer. I love the path I’ve chosen for … [Read more...]

Resources for Teaching Multimedia Journalism

I'm accumulating so much information on how to incorporate multimedia into a variety of courses (journalism, PR, etc.) that I decided to periodically post here to create an archive of links: From Poynter (Katy Culver, 1/31): How journalism educators can integrate more multimedia into their teaching. If delicious goes away, at least I'll have some of my resources here. … [Read more...]