10 Places I’d Like To Visit: Idea Machine, Day 35

The topic for Day 35 in Become an Idea Machine is to simply list 10 "cities" I'd like to visit and why. I've modified this slightly. Although I've mostly listed cities, I'm really more interested in visiting the small towns, villages and rural areas in the countries I've listed. Why the change? Claudia and James Altucher are clearly more into urban environments, whereas I'm more sustained by … [Read more...]

012 Shinecast: FoodBlogSouth Preview and More

Episode 012 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features a preview of FoodBlogSouth 2013, one of the premiere food blogging conferences. Sheree talks with FoodBlogSouth co-founders Jason Horn and Shaun Chavis about the upcoming event. Shinecast listeners can pick up a 10% discount on conference registration. Listen to the interview with Jason and Shaun to get the discount code. I moved the … [Read more...]

Visiting Birmingham

Earlier today (while looking for the official Twitter for the Alabama Department of Tourism) I happened upon a random tweet from a New Yorker asking advice on what to do in Birmingham. We had a brief exchange on Twitter and I offered to share a few Birmingham travel ideas via this blog post. I'm focusing on what's located in, or very near, downtown Birmingham. Enjoy! (Pictures are … [Read more...]

Wilson Park in Florence, Alabama

This week's Sunday Sign tells us a bit about the history of Woodrow Wilson Park in downtown Florence, Alabama. Wilson Park is about as pretty as small parks come.... If you haven't been to Florence, Alabama you really must visit...... Humans, dogs, cats, birds....all are welcome.... The Sunday Sign is a weekly feature of The Ben Franklin Follies.   … [Read more...]

Sunday Sign: Telluride Gondola

It's ski season, so this week's Sunday Sign brings us a few fun facts about the Telluride Gondola, which is actually a free public transportation system, not a "ski lift." It's also 100% wind-powered. The Gondola connects the the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village.   More information on the Telluride Gondola The Sunday Sign is a weekly feature of The Ben Franklin … [Read more...]

The Shirley Place

The Shirley Place in Northport, Alabama is featured as this week's Sunday Sign.       Related Posts The Sunday Sign is a weekly feature of The Ben Franklin Follies. … [Read more...]

Montrose, Colorado: Sunday Sign

This week's Sunday Sign gives a shout-out to lovely Montrose, Colorado.  I've had the pleasure of visiting Montrose a couple of times since my brother and his family moved there in 2008.   Montrose is located in the southwestern quadrant of Colorado, in the Uncompahgre Valley, in lands originally populated by the Ute Indians. White settlers arrived in the Valley in the 1870s but could … [Read more...]

Jackson’s Military Road

This week's Sunday Sign highlights Jackson's Military Road in Northwest Alabama. The road plays a central role in the history of Northwest Alabama, from pioneer settlements to rock-and-roll iconography. The road itself was built by American soldiers under the leadership of General Andrew Jackson, following the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. The military road was completed in 1820 and shortened … [Read more...]

Henry County, Missouri: Sunday Sign

This Henry County, Missouri historical marker is this week's Sunday Sign:   Henry County, Missouri is in west central Missouri. I spent a couple of hours in Clinton, the county seat, in August 2010, where I enjoyed a nice sandwich and cake at The Ben Franklin Coffee House on the town square. Benjamin Franklin would be proud to know that the Henry County Public Library has an excellent … [Read more...]

A Piece of the Berlin Wall in Georgia

The Berlin Wall today is the symbol of the physical, cultural and social separation of the "East" and "West" during the Cold War era. From August 13, 1961 until 1989, the Berlin Wall was also the physical barricade between East and West Germany. This week's Sunday Sign describes this small section of the Berlin Wall on display outside the Social Science Building at Kennesaw State … [Read more...]