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For Day 2, Claudia Altucher’s prompt is to list 10 apps I’d like to use. The rules say it doesn’t matter if the app already exists.

Here’s the list I came up in about 15 minutes. I included more than 10 apps because some (most?) of them do exist–just not to my satisfaction! Reminder that I’m simply re-typing these from my journal and not taking time to do much, if any, editing.

1. App that scans ISBN codes on my books so I can keep track of books I’ve read, bought, donated, sold, put in storage. Ideally, help me find the book I’m looking for.

2. Similarly to #1, one for scanning grocery bar codes to plan grocery lists.

3. App that lets me log workout data, food, and other biohacking data AND that directly feeds this data  into statistical analysis software to let me identify variance and correlations based on various combos. Must have privacy protections.

4. App to let me keep track of various beehive management activities. Doesn’t need to be mobile app since there’s no mobile data service at the hive locations.

5. App to facilitate inventory, sale of collectibles like movie posters, old books, etc. that I want to sell.

6. App to track seeds planted for garden, along with soil conditions and harvest forecasting.

7. App to keep track of mileage and gas costs without requiring GPS.

8. App to immediately send SMS or email to elected officials when I want to register my opinion on an issue. This might be my favorite one that I don’t believe exists.

9. App that tracks daily weather conditions at the farm.

10. App to track clothing I wear each day so that I don’t repeat the same outfits at the same “audience” too often.

11. App to track books I read and interface with Kindle notes. Search all by keyword.

12. Similar to #11, track movies I’ve watched and search by phrase, character, scene description.

13. History quiz app: Like Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy but something I can play alone when I’m waiting.

14. Voice recorder to capture ideas, automatically transcribe the voice recording into text for search, and send to Evernote. Yes, I know this is probably already possible via existing apps and IFTTT (or maybe via Evernote app) but I haven’t looked into it. This is a reminder to see if it exists.

15. App that can log solar power capability and track, as a data-collection tool to persuade policy makers that solar power is viable.

16. Homework scheduling app that works with regular calendar program to input assignments into computer calendaring system. Version for college students and version for parents of K-12. Could automate with school via email so parents could monitor homework.

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