Idea Machine, Day 13: Passive Income

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Claudia Altucher’s prompt for Day 13 is to generate 10 ideas for ways to generate passive income.

Since I’m actually working on a lot of these I’ll be sharing more about these as I begin to roll out various aspects of my #Shinecast multimedia project. I could provide more detail, but I’m in a hurry and would rather save my writing energy for the Shinecast project.

1. Write a how-to book and self-publish on Kindle or other platforms. (I have one finished and one almost finished and will be releasing these soon).

2. Create a premium subscription newsletter.

3. Create a guide to content marketing for particular industry segments and sell to these industry segments.

4. Develop How-To online course(s) related to something I’m good at.

5. Sell my movie poster collection. This may/may not technically be passive, but to the extent I sell the posters for more than I paid for, it’s certainly a ROI.

6. Create an Amazon marketplace account and sell miscellaneous books, music CDs and DVDS that I accumulated before going mostly digital. Right now, they are a clutter-some burden and take up space so I would like to get rid of them. If I donate them, someone else will buy for pennies on the dollar and resell. So I might as well be the one to do the selling.

7. Create a premium audio newsletter for lawyers.

8. Create online courses based on content that I’ve been teaching at the college level and market these through Udacity.

9. Package my lesson plans and sell directly to teachers who teach the same courses.

10. Write a memoir or series of biographical essays about overcoming certain challenges and self-publish these.

11. Invest in real estate.

12. Invest in digital currency.

I included the latter two because a couple of my other ideas are similar.

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