Idea Machine, Day 14: Articles to Write

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It’s Day 14 of the Idea Machine Project. I’m working through Claudia Altucher’s new book, Become an Idea Machine (affiliate link), and blogging about it here on The Ben Franklin Follies.

Today’s topic: 10 ideas for fascinating articles I could write. This one is easy for me. I have a million ideas for articles to write. The question is when to find the time to do the research to write some of them. But, hey, I’ll get to them.

The Shinecast is about helping others through a series of books, articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, audio books and articles and more. Some of these topics might be relevant for a Shinecast production.

Claudia’s title suggests making these investigative articles, but then she says they can be about anything. My list is geared toward articles that are more in the vein of investigative or in-depth reporting.

1. Look into the rise of the maker movement and how it has grown in recent years. I’m not original here, but I have a unique perspective.

2. Write an article on the 20th century education system and how it’s failing today’s student because of the focus on delivering worker drones. I’m not the originator of this topic, but I have a unique take on it because I’ve spent 10+ years in the college classroom as a full-time college professor and have observed, first hand, how terrified students are of working without an assignment guide and a detailed grading rubric. Some of my thoughts are available in a post I wrote in 2013: 10 Things We Should Be Teaching College Students.

3. Profile founders of successful startups to see if they had the tech know-how or just orchestrated the ideas and the players.

4. Research and demonstrate how academic programs can (and do) game the college ranking system.

5. Marketing genetically-engineered foods. Relate this to the ad industries well-documented practice of creating problems that unnecessary products can solve, i.e. the “disease” of halitosis to sell the cure of mouthwash.

6. How traditional health care devolved into an arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

7. How industrial capitalists created the welfare state.

8. The impact of epigenetics on the efficacy of genetic engineering in humans for dealing with chronic health problems and genetically-derived conditions.

9. Explain epigenetics for the lay person.

10. An article on why ideas matter.

Here’s a link to the blog post where I explain the back-story on my Idea Machine Project.

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