Idea Machine, Day 15: Donate, Discard, Repurpose

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I’m two weeks into the Idea Machine Project: Day 15. Today’s topic: List 10 things I no longer use that can be donated, discarded or repurposed.

What’s the genesis for this Idea Machine Project? I explain it here.

Today’s list of ideas for things I could get rid of in a decluttering moment:

1. Laser disc player, laser discs; rarely used DVDs; a few old VHS tapes; some of my old music CDs. I decided to list all of these together, as they all represent entertainment media that I no longer consume. Not throwing out all of my media, just the stuff that no longer interests me.

2. Assortment of books that are no longer relevant or of interest. I have hundreds of books. It’s a burden to store them all.

3. A few wool sweaters that I’m unlikely to wear again.

4. Shorts that I probably won’t wear again.

5. Box of old Christmas and birthday cards that I could repurpose into collage art. Or donate. Or throw out.

6. All the pieces of paper that I can scan as part of my transition to a paperless home office.

7. Hats that I no longer wear.

8. Tin storage containers that are semi-collectible.

9. Gourds that I grew and dried. I need to sell these or make something craft-y out of them very soon!

10. Old phonebooks that I’ve been storing to recycle rather than throwing in the landfill trash. Must find somewhere to recycle!

11. Box of apples I’ve been waiting to dry. Why haven’t I done this yet?

12. Magazines that I’m finished reading. I don’t get many of these in paper form anymore, but I do have more than I need on hand.

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