Idea Machine, Day 16: The Comfort Zone

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It’s day 16 of my Idea Machine Project. Today’s prompt: Getting out of my comfort zone.

Fortunately, I’m pretty good about stepping outside of whatever makes me feel comfortable, although I always have room for improvement. In fact, the biggest area where I need to improve surrounds the components of my #Shinecast media network project which is behind schedule.

Why is it behind schedule? I think I might be afraid to ship some pieces of the project which are long since complete. So the list of ways to get out of my comfort zone this week mostly relate to letting go of my inhibitions on releasing what I’ve completed so far, rather than continuing to hold back.

Here’s my list of 10 ways to get out of my comfort zone this week:

1. Publish my 7 Days of Real Food book that has been sitting in a completed file on my computer since December. I wrote the copy for the landing page last summer. It’s proofed and finished. There’s no reason to keep delaying. I can publish on CreateSpace and release in PDF form.

2. Send out the first issue of the Shinecast newsletter.

3. Record the explanatory episode of The Ben Franklin Follies show and send out invitations to 5 potential guests.

4. After I do one of the first three, take my self out to dinner (alone) at one of the nicest restaurants in town.

5. Set up an account on SnapChat and play around with it. See who is using it that I might be interested in connecting with.

6. Create and print some positive affirmations with a link to a webpage about the Shinecast project, leave them lying around town at places like the library, gym, coffee shops. See if anyone visits the page.

7. Write personal letters to three prominent people I admire and ask them a question.

8. Record new Shinecast intro/update video and publish on YouTube.

9. Move the swarm beehive colony to a sunnier spot.

10. Create an account on Amazon Marketplace.

The Idea Machine Project

The Idea Machine project is inspired by James and Claudia Altucher.

James says ideas are the currency of the 21st century. Claudia recently published a book, Become an Idea Machine (affiliate link), which I’m using as a prompt to a more systematic approach to idea-generation. Ideation is one of my top strengths, but I’ve never been systematic about it.

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