Idea Machine, Day 17: Physical Practice

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The focus for Day 17 of the Idea Machine Project is on simple ways to improve my daily physical practice.

I feel pretty good about where I am physically, but there’s always room for improvement.

Here are 10 ideas for actions I can take each day to move forward in my physical well-being:

1. Buy or build a stand-up desk to use at work. Or just stand up to think.

2. I always take the stairs, but I could walk around the quad on campus twice each day. It would take 10 minutes or less each time. Need to schedule a break to do this.

3. Take time for 10-15 minute quite break EVERY day, not just half the time or two-thirds of workdays, as now.

4. Resume daily fitness walks after work, not just on the weekends.

5. Take 5 minutes twice each day to do stretches. Can do these anywhere.

6. Don’t sit when students are working on assignments in the lab. I rarely sit, but I need to never sit down in the lab.

7. Stand up whenever I’m talking on the phone or checking Twitter.

8. Do a set of side leg lifts and iliotibial band stretches each day at work.

9. Take off my shoes whenever I sit in my office at my job.

10. Put my 3 words and success statements in more places where I can see them constantly, starting right now and right here:

2015: Sceptre, Beams, Orchard

2014: Now, Be, Do

2013: Zoom, Vivace, Jazz

I am an idea machine. Are you?

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