Idea Machine, Day 18: Emotional Practice

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Claudia Altucher’s definition of emotional practice seems to be a bit different from my own, but I think I understand where she’s going with it. In any event, rather than explaining her brief description of the prompt, I’ll just list my 11 ideas for today.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Claudia’s book, Become An Idea Machine, [affiliate link] inspired by James Altucher’s daily practice of coming up with 10 ideas.

Here’s the backstory, explaining what I’m calling The Idea Machine project.

11 Ways To Improve My Daily Emotional Practice

1. Call my nephew, Matthew, and send him a belated birthday card. This is a priority!

2. Continue asking a blessing on anyone who triggers a feeling of annoyance, frustration, impatience within in me. And continue seeking release from such a response so as to reduce or (preferably) eliminate feelings of impatience, annoyance, frustration when things are going to my satisfaction. This helped me immensely when I implemented it into my life back in 2005 as a way to overcome chronic impatience.

3. Expand the time I spend in meditation with the intention of improving my responses to triggers and to grow in other aspects of my life.

4. Schedule coffee, tea or lunch with people I can help and make the offer to help them.

5. If I need to get something off my chest, type up an “email” but don’t send it to the person. Save it as a draft or type it in Evernote and save in a notebook called Chest Release.

6. Create handmade cards or other handmade gifts to say goodbye to colleagues in my current job.

7. Bake muffins for students in the morning classes I’m teaching.

8. Write and send the Shinecast newsletter. It will help me and help others.

9. Finish the original book I started in 2013 on happiness and publish it on Kindle. The message is vital and needs to be shared. Good for me and the world.

10. Surrender. Let go of my desire to control.

11. Turn right. I’m past the forest fire, or the fire has burned itself out, so there’s no reason to keep traveling this road when my destination requires a right turn. This is the message from a dream I had last night.

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