Idea Machine, Day 21: Explaining My Wisdom

Idea Machine, Day 21: Explaining My Wisdom

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Claudia Altucher gives an intriguing prompt for Day 21 of Become an Idea Machine. The gist is about coming up with book titles to describe life lessons and wisdom I’ve acquired over the years, along with a few items for the table of contents in these books.

I suggest you read Become an Idea Machine [affiliate link] for a better understanding. [affiliate links explained here]

If you’re curious, I’m blogging my way through Become an Idea Machine in conjunction with the roll-out of my Shinecast media project over the coming weeks. The Ben Franklin Follies is one component of the Shinecast.

Although I won’t claim to have achieved wisdom, it is something that I value and I’m actively aspiring and seeking to become wiser. Here are my unedited ideas for today’s prompt:

11 Book Titles Inspired by My Wisdom

And 3 items for the table of contents for the book.

Title 1: Discover. Grow. Inspire. Shine.

This is actually the tagline for the Shinecast multimedia project, except that I changed it up a bit to create an acronym DIG (for a reason).

Table of Contents

  • The pleasure and value of curiosity.
  • We grow when we are open to change and willing to use what we discover.
  • each of us can be an inspiration to others.

discover inspire grow shine

Title 2: Your Path to Happiness

This is a variation of the title of my second book, to be released in a few weeks, as part of the Shinecast roll out.

Table of Contents

  • It starts with love.
  • It’s a journey, not a destination.
  • If you’re wearing a mask, you’ll keep walking in circles.

Title 3: Now. Be. Do.

This book is about bits of wisdom gleaned from lessons I learned from my three words for 2014.

Table of Contents

  • Dedicate yourself to living in the presence of the present moment.
  • Be. Do not strive. Be true to yourself.
  • Do. Take action on your dream. Don’t worry about the results, but take action.

Title 4: The Interdependence of Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Benjamin Franklin famously wrote as Poor Richard:

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

That’s a perfect example of how sleep, health and success in life are interrelated. I’ve been talking for years about the power of sleep and how it’s helped my life when I sleep properly. I was excited to hear James Altucher talking about sleep when I first discovered him in 2012/2013.

Table of Contents

  • Links on a Chain
  • The Power of Sleep
  • The Power of Real Food

Title 5: Start at the Beginning

Sounds a bit like Yogi Berra. Maybe I’m borrowing it from him. I don’t know all the Yogi-isms, but this sounds like one he’d coin.

Table of Contents

  • The Wonder Years: Ages 1-6
  • Clues to Your Present
  • Claim the Good

Title 6: Transcend to Transform

I wrote about how to overcome rejection by transcending the situation before in a blog post from 2013.

Table of Contents

  • Rejection Hurts: That’s Normal
  • Forgiveness is a Release
  • Forgiveness Leads to Transformation

Title 7: You Have Willpower

I’ve always believed that we have as much willpower as we choose to have. That doesn’t mean we’re always successful at exercising willpower. But we can choose to keep working at whatever we want to achieve.

Table of Contents

  • Believe In Yourself
  • Get Plenty of Sleep
  • Practice
  • Don’t Give Up

Title 8: The Cage Door Is Open

Subtitle: Freedom starts from within.

Table of Contents

  • The Mental Prison
  • You Hold the Keys
  • Simple, Yet Difficult

Title 9: Imaginary Fears

I’ve written about this before too, in this post that I titled The Care and Feeding of Heffalumps, based on Winnie the Pooh.

Table of Contents

  • Real fear is when we face physical danger. Rare for most of us today.
  • Fears about a hypothetical future are imaginary fears.
  • Live in the present.

Title 10: Take Action

Premise: You can’t control the results of your action, but action is (eventually) required, even if the action is to decide to do nothing or to do something different.

Table of Contents

  • Discover
  • Believe
  • Act

Title 11: Embrace Change

I’ve been tweeting this message for several years, in part because I encounter so many people who are terrified by change.

Table of Contents

  • Seeds
  • Grow or Die Faster
  • Harvest

The cover photo for this post is a bowl of Swiss chard seeds that I haven’t planted yet. There’s no germination until the seeds are planted and exposed to the change catalysts of sunlight, water, soil microbes.

All of the beauty and contribution of the seed is locked inside until it is opened by change.



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