Idea Machine, Day 4: Coursera

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For Day 4 of Claudia Altucher’s Become an Idea Machine project, the prompt is to describe 10 course topics for Coursera with the emphasis on “courses I would take.”

As much as I love to learn, this one was a bit tougher for me because of the requirement that these be “courses I would take.”

Why does that make the topic difficult?

I have 4 degrees: BA, JD, LL.M., Ph.D., along with a certificate in sustainable food systems leadership from the University of Vermont. I’m constantly attending online conferences, seek out training in all sorts of areas. I’m the epitome of a “life-long learner.” I’m not sure I would be willing to enroll in a 6-12 week online course at this time in my life because I’m trying to launch the Shinecast and all the related media projects that go along with it.

So I decided to assume it would reasonable to treat this as courses I would take at some point in the reasonably near future, not immediately.

So here’s my list:

1. Quantum Physics for the the Intelligent Non-Physical Scientist

2. History of Scientific Thought, with parallel timelines comparing Eastern and Western scientific discoveries.

3. The Poetry of Nature and Place

4. Holistic Health Principles (I’m already studying this, but a formal course would be cool).

5. American Film History: Consideration of the most-acclaimed films and parallels with current events/history at the time the film was made. I’ve actually taken a course in film history and criticism and several film theory courses, so I’m more interested in connecting the films with actual history unfolding at the time the film was made.

6. An in-depth study of archeological wonders of the world, using video and online mapping technology to dig deep.

7. Courses on what it’s like to live a middle class life on each continent (or maybe just focus on a select country on each continent).

8. Mechanical principles without math. Basic course in mechanics for backyard small machine repair. Basically, I would like to know how to do my own lawnmower repairs.

9. Custom-jewelry making using local stones.

10. Comparative study of Christian monasticism.

11. Something on 3D printing technology.


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