Ideas for Indie Movie Titles & Plots: Day 28

Ideas for Indie Movie Titles & Plots: Day 28

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It’s Day 28 of the Idea Machine Project. Today’s topic: Come up with 10 ideas for indie movies.

I think my ideas are pretty awesome—I should start writing the treatments tonight.

Actually, back in the 1990s, I wrote a screenplay that received positive notes from a couple of industry readers with solid credentials, but I gave up trying to sell it and moved on. Hmm….Perhaps I should return to writing screenplays.

10 Ideas for Indie Movies

1. Poughkeepsie

Plot: A film about the Poughkeepsie Regatta set in the early 1920s.

Note: The word Poughkeepsie just popped into my head out of the blue when I started thinking of indie film titles. A quick glance at Wikipedia and I knew that this film would have to be about intercollegiate rowing. I’ve never been a competitive rower, but I have experienced the joy of skulling. I would love to make rowing one of my primary fitness activities. I think this film has huge potential due to the time period–the early 1920s–and the opportunity for drama arising out of competition.

2. Dances With Elves

Plot: The story of a young girl, Ellen, whose imagination is fueled by the fairy tale stories read to her by her beloved grandfather. A brain aneurysm leaves Ellen an invalid in her mid-30s. Unable to work, or even speak, after she is sent home from the hospital, Ellen turns to reading and rediscovers the fairy tale stories she loved as a child.  Ellen begins painting as  part of her rehabilitation and  as a way to express the new joy she now feels inside.  The paintings, enchanting and mysterious depictions of the elves she imagined as a child, receive global acclaim.

3. The Return to Whistlebrook

Plot: An elderly man escapes from an assisted living facility in Chicago and sets out on the road in search of a rural picnic spot in Missouri that his family often visited when he was a child growing up in southern Illinois.

4. 13 Cohens

Plot: Three generations of one Jewish family, the Cohens, are forced to spend a 3-day weekend together when a freak blizzard leaves them stranded in Louisville, Kentucky where they had gathered to celebrate the bar mitzvah of Jacob Cohen.

5. 13 Roses

Plot: Sequel or prequel to 13 Cohens. Three generations of one family of southerners, the Roses, are forced to spend Mother’s Day Weekend together after a spring flood traps them in the family homestead, where they had gathered to celebrate the 84th birthday of the family matriarch, Mary Rutherford Rose, who was born on Mother’s Day.

6. Venture

Plot: Claire is a Silicon Valley intellectual property lawyer. One day Claire is called in to what she thinks is a routine meeting with a VC client to discuss IP issues related to a new venture. As it turns out, the start-up under consideration is headed by an ex-boyfriend who once fronted an early-80s punk band.

7. Mahout

Plot: The story of a young boy with cerebral palsy who dreams of being a manager for The University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

8. Danforth Quad

Plot: A quirky love story about two misfits who meet and fall in love at a dog park. He’s the typical absent-minded mathematician at the local college and she is a classical music programmer for the public radio station affiliated with a larger nearby university.

9. Written on the Wind

Plot: The story of an unlikely trio–a dandelion, a crow and a fox–who are charged with spreading the message that, in the end, love will win.

10. Park Here and Watch

Plot: It’s 1949 and this is a fictional story about opening night at the King Drive-In movie theatre in Russellville, Alabama. Everyone and their cousin is trying to get in to see the triple-bill of  Pale Face, Johnny Belinda and Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

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