Laugh Out Loud: Day 31, Idea Machine Project

Laugh Out Loud: Day 31, Idea Machine Project

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It’s Day 31 of the Idea Machine Project and today’s focus is 10 things that made me laugh out loud.

We’ve all heard the saying: “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Trouble knocked on the door, but, hearing laughter, hurried away.

Ben Franklin

Here’s another one, attributed to King Solomon:

A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.

Proverbs: 17:22

Medical research confirms the wisdom of the age: Laughter and laughing boosts a variety of measures of health. Here’s just one example of many: A study out of the University of Maryland Medical Center showing how laughter improves heart health.

And it just plain feels good to laugh.

13 Things That Always Make Me Laugh Out Loud

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The first time I saw this movie was late on a Friday night during high school. A friend was spending the night and we got in trouble for laughing so loud that we woke up my parents.

I can break out in laughter just thinking about it.

 Mel Brooks Movies

Like Monty Python skits, it’s hard to find a Mel Brooks movie that isn’t hilarious in its absurdity.

Ratatouille, anyone?

Death to King Louie…

 Dogs in the Cat Bed

My family’s dogs seem to love to sleep in spaces that are too small for their big bodies. Here’s Nicholas.

dog in the cat bed The Ben Franklin Follies

My Uncle William

My Uncle William is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He could read the phone book and make it funny. Whatever is going on in his life, he will describe in a way that cracks me up.

“King of Therapy”

This originated with my uncle William, but it’s taken on a meme of its own in my family. One of Uncle William’s elderly relatives was explaining that another family member had cancer and was going to have to take “that old king of therapy.”

Carol Burnett Skits

I guess you might say that I like absurd humor.

The great thing about YouTube is it lets me find and watch skits like this spoof of Gone With the Wind whenever I need a laugh:

“Do You Poop Out At Parties”

It’s so tasty, too.

John Big Booty

Another one of my absurd favorites. John Lithgow is classic.

Saturday Night Live

I love many of the classic Saturday Night Live skits. Since they aren’t available on YouTube (at least not legally), I’m not bothering to embed them here.

Charlie’s Stories

It’s hard to explain these in a blog post where there’s no context. Charlie was a man with some level of mental challenges. My extended family (and others in our rural community) helped him out in a variety of ways, from hiring him for odd jobs to giving him a ride into town.

Charlie was well-known for his idea mashups. One example: I once picked him  on my way home from work to give him a ride home. He asked where I’d been and I said working. He asked about my work and I told him I worked for a newspaper.

Charlie: “I’ve done a good bit of writing myself. You may have heard of my autobiography.”

Me: “No Charlie, I didn’t know you’d written an autobiography.”

Charlie: “Yes, it’s called Gone With the Wind.”

I kept a straight face because Charlie had also told us he had done work for both the F B and I and the C I and A.

Bumble’s Tail

A few years ago, I took Bumble with me to the beach. She hates to travel, but she was quite happy in the pet-friendly beach rental. When it was time to leave, I loaded everything up except for her.

I was looking everywhere and couldn’t find her. Until, at least, I saw her tail sticking out from underneath the bed skirt. Her tail gave her away.

Smelly Cat

Phoebe’s song.

Keyboard Cat

Yes, this does make me laugh. Even today.


Claudia Altucher’s prompt for today focuses on laughter. Check out her book, Become an Idea Machine, which is the genesis for this project [Amazon affiliate link].


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