Quora Questions That Pull Me In

Quora Questions That Pull Me In

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Curiosity is one of my strongest urges. I’m curious about everything and I love learning.

That’s probably why I stopped visiting Quora several years ago. I was using Quora early on, but since I’m prone to dash when my eyes perceive “Squirrel” it’s one of those social networks that can be a real time-sink for me.

Although I found it intriguing in 2011, I didn’t stick around. In fact, I had no idea that it was still quite active  until I logged in again so I could respond to Claudia Altucher’s prompt for Day 27 of Become an Idea Machine.

I quickly found myself answering a question and then updating my profile. And then I had to select new topics to follow so I could actually come up the questions that “pulled me in” for a response. 90 minutes later, I finally had 11 questions that I thought would be acceptable for today’s contribution to the Idea Machine Project.

10 Questions on Quora That I Feel Pulled to Answer, And Why?

Here are the questions, in the order I found them. I’ll address the “why after I list the questions.

1. If you take a college or university course and produce work as part of that course, who owns the right to the work, you or the institution?

I actually stopped to answer this question.

2. What’s the best way to learn something?

3. Who are some little known people that have changed the world?

4. Do journalism professors encourage students to strictly adhere to the AP Style book?

I’ll address the “why” to this question here:

I tried to require students to strictly adhere to the AP Style book. In my current position, I discovered in my first semester that grading too hard will make me unpopular, especially if it’s for something as arbitrary as the AP Style rules. And I also discovered after that semester ended that the only measure of my effectiveness as a teacher was based on one question in the course evaluations that students completed at the end of the semester. Not only is the method of measuring teaching effectiveness bogus, it can be gamed, as I’ve had more students complete evaluations than I had enrolled in the course.

My former academic appointment at Oklahoma State had a course in Media Style & Structure that was a gateway. Students couldn’t enter the major until they passed this course. I liked that requirement. The result is that students who graduate from Oklahoma State usually have a good grasp of AP Style and know how to write grammatically correct sentences in a style appropriate for the mass media.

5. What is something money can’t buy?

6. What are valuable skills that many young people are losing?

7. Most old people nowadays are overwhelmed by the new technologies. Will the same thing happen to us in a few years?

8. What should every person be knowledgeable about or be proficient in by the age of 20?

9. Can reading some of the best books about a certain subject be more useful than college?

10. What did your life teach you?

11. What are the key technological, entrepreneurial and strategic concepts and learning I should teach my kids?

Why Am I Pulled In By These Questions?

For one thing, I sincerely want to help other people solve their problems.

Sometimes, the problem is simply explaining a legal concept. Other times, the question is simply to provide factual information that’s hard to glean from more general search results.

I’ve also discovered from a lot of years of living that the path to happiness lies within. And the path to health, wealth and wisdom comes from a combination of eating real food, getting a reasonable level of physical activity, lots of sleep, good times with friends and family (relationships), spiritual connection and doing work that fulfills your or gives you the feeling that the work you are doing matters in some way. It’s a message I hope to share through my Shinecast project.

As for old people and technology, I’d say that the lack of curiosity and discomfort with change explains why most “old people are overwhelmed by technology.”

If you want to maintain a zest for life, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and experience the wonders that are everywhere in the world around us! More on THAT topic in the future.

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