Saving A Rainy Day

Saving A Rainy Day

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I have fond memories of rainy days. Today has been a good one. Too many rainy days, of course, can trigger a gloomy mood. And rainy days and Mondays are, to paraphrase Karen Carpenter, almost always a bad mix. But not today.

I’d planned to get up at 5 to run before the sun rose high enough to make it unpleasant. But shortly before my alarm was set to go off, I awoke. To the sound of thunder. Nice. It’s been mostly dry for the past month or so and the storm that blew through Sunday evening didn’t last long enough to deliver the quantity my yard, garden and rain barrel needed.

I was content to turn off the alarm and snooze a bit more. I let my dog back inside and dozed intermittently. A couple of times I could hear the rain falling hard.

Untitled Eventually, I got up, made coffee (Finer Grind, natch) and moved to my covered patio. The rain was falling steadily but the birds were still coming in for snacks. Coffee and camera in hand, I settled in to enjoy the morning.

I thought about the time my brother and I spent the whole day playing in a cool November rain under a big tree on our farm. I contemplated some rainy-day runs. Once, a few years ago in September, I intentionally planned a 6-mile walk along the Tuscaloosa River Walk to the University of Alabama campus, around the quad and back home during the light-but-steady rains of a weakened tropical storm passing through. I still remember every step.

Black Canyon Colorado in Mist by Sheree MartinTwo years ago, I drove out to Colorado in early August and discovered the rainy season had arrived late. On the way, I barely missed getting caught in a lightning storm at Capulin Volcano National Monument. But I had a nice time looking over the rim of the Black Canyon in the rain and mist.

As I finished off the last of my coffee this morning, I decided to venture out into the backyard and check out my garden. I like the rain, so why not?

After about 15 minutes of pulling weeds in the rain, I decided to take my dog, Penny, for a walk. She was pretty excited, at first. But she was a lot happier than me to get back inside. Bama the Lab never liked to walk in the rain, either.

Dog rests after walk in the ran

At that point, it was pretty obvious the rain would be around for a while. I’d planned to run 5-6 miles this morning–may as well run them in the rain.

I made a big breakfast to fuel the long run: Mom’s pancakes (she makes extras from scratch and freezes them for me and for snacks), a handful of blueberries I picked in the rain, another handful of strawberries I’d bought at East Lake Farmers Market on Saturday, and a liberal coating of raw honey. Served up with a glass of milk.
Pancakes with Fresh Berries

 I waited 30 minutes and set off on my run. About 20 – 25 minutes into the run, the rain pretty much dissipated but I kept going. Arrived back home 61 minutes later. Super-energized.

So now we’re well into the afternoon. The rain stopped about 11:30 but may return tonight with another round of storms.

I haven’t done any of the things I’d planned for the day. Well, actually, I did reply to and send several emails that I needed to take care of. But it’s been a good day.

I don’t expect that the captains of industry, the power brokers, the Wall Street bankers watched a rain-drenched wren fluff its feathers or saw a family of sparrows come in for a late breakfast.
wren in the rain

House sparrows at bird feeder

When I was 22, I was pointing my compass toward a career as a corporate lawyer. At times I thought I might become the first woman president. By the time I was 24 I knew that wasn’t the life for me. Some years ago, I gave up the chance to make a lot of money in a corporate-type environment so I could get my life back.

I do have my life back now (most of the time). I like it. I do work that matters. What I do helps some, maybe many, others—and doesn’t hurt anyone else.

And who knows. I might end up making plenty of money, as well. After all, passion drives success.

A few of my favorite songs about rain, even if they don’t evoke the right mood for today!
The first by Travis is one of my favorite songs ever, rain or not:

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