Jackson’s Military Road

This week's Sunday Sign highlights Jackson's Military Road in Northwest Alabama. The road plays a central role in the history of Northwest Alabama, from pioneer settlements to rock-and-roll iconography. The road itself was built by American soldiers under the leadership of General Andrew Jackson, following the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. The military road was completed in 1820 and shortened … [Read more...]

A Dog’s Life: Veterans Day Edition

One dog's welcome home is another dog's Bon Voyage. Tomorrow, I'll be live-blogging the Shelby Humane Society's Bon Voyage soiree at Whole Foods in Cahaba Heights. You'll find the live updates at the Shelter Partners blog here.  We'll be sending off a lucky group of Alabama pups who'll find forever homes in the great state of New Hampshire (my favorite state, of course). We'll also be … [Read more...]

Hiking to Kinlock Shelter

Last Wednesday, my 15-year-old nephew and I participated in a Wild South Wild Wednesdays visit to the Kinlock Historic District in the Sipsey Wilderness Area of the Bankhead National Forest in Lawrence County, Alabama. Davis and I both enjoyed the day. I've been wanting to do some hiking in the Bankhead National Forest for the past few years but it's always seemed rather overwhelming to me. I've … [Read more...]