Day 22, Idea Machine Project: People Who Impacted My Life

Today's topic for Becoming an Idea Machine is to list 10 people who made an impact in my life and briefly explain why. I've intentionally excluded family members because that's too easy and too complex. I thought about excluding teachers, as well, but decided to include a couple of my early school teachers who helped to spark, inspire and nurture my innate curiosity. Backstory: I'm … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 21: Explaining My Wisdom

Claudia Altucher gives an intriguing prompt for Day 21 of Become an Idea Machine. The gist is about coming up with book titles to describe life lessons and wisdom I've acquired over the years, along with a few items for the table of contents in these books. I suggest you read Become an Idea Machine [affiliate link] for a better understanding. [affiliate links explained here] If you're … [Read more...]

Day 20: Gratitude as Spiritual Practice

On Day 20 of the Idea Machine Project, I focus on gratitude as a spiritual practice. After this quick introduction, I write about gratitude in 11 areas of my life. Seeing Gratitude Although I've always had a generally grateful attitude about whatever I've experienced, until about four or five years ago, I've rarely taken the time to write down specific things I'm grateful for. It's not … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 19: Mental Practice

Here are 22 ideas I came up with this morning for ways that I can improve my mental performance. Some ideas will help me to more efficient, through better use of systems. Others will boost my creativity and powers of observation. As with all of these posts, I'm typing from the journal where I write them in stream-of-consciousness thinking. I'm not spending time editing, clarifying or … [Read more...]

Ideas and the Revival of The Ben Franklin Follies

After a long hiatus from publishing new content on The Ben Franklin Follies, the site is suddenly active again. As I explained a while back, I've been trying to figure out how best to focus The Ben Franklin Follies around a theme that makes it easier to explain what the site is about. At the same time, in an effort to better organize my writing and interests, over the past 18 months or so I've … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 18: Emotional Practice

Claudia Altucher's definition of emotional practice seems to be a bit different from my own, but I think I understand where she's going with it. In any event, rather than explaining her brief description of the prompt, I'll just list my 11 ideas for today. If you're interested in learning more, check out Claudia's book, Become An Idea Machine, [affiliate link] inspired by James Altucher's daily … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 17: Physical Practice

The focus for Day 17 of the Idea Machine Project is on simple ways to improve my daily physical practice. I feel pretty good about where I am physically, but there's always room for improvement. Here are 10 ideas for actions I can take each day to move forward in my physical well-being: 1. Buy or build a stand-up desk to use at work. Or just stand up to think. 2. I always take the … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 16: The Comfort Zone

It's day 16 of my Idea Machine Project. Today's prompt: Getting out of my comfort zone. Fortunately, I'm pretty good about stepping outside of whatever makes me feel comfortable, although I always have room for improvement. In fact, the biggest area where I need to improve surrounds the components of my #Shinecast media network project which is behind schedule. Why is it behind schedule? I … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 15: Donate, Discard, Repurpose

I'm two weeks into the Idea Machine Project: Day 15. Today's topic: List 10 things I no longer use that can be donated, discarded or repurposed. What's the genesis for this Idea Machine Project? I explain it here. Today's list of ideas for things I could get rid of in a decluttering moment: 1. Laser disc player, laser discs; rarely used DVDs; a few old VHS tapes; some of my old music CDs. … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 14: Articles to Write

It's Day 14 of the Idea Machine Project. I'm working through Claudia Altucher's new book, Become an Idea Machine (affiliate link), and blogging about it here on The Ben Franklin Follies. Today's topic: 10 ideas for fascinating articles I could write. This one is easy for me. I have a million ideas for articles to write. The question is when to find the time to do the research to write some of … [Read more...]