Idea Machine, Day 13: Passive Income

Claudia Altucher's prompt for Day 13 is to generate 10 ideas for ways to generate passive income. Since I'm actually working on a lot of these I'll be sharing more about these as I begin to roll out various aspects of my #Shinecast multimedia project. I could provide more detail, but I'm in a hurry and would rather save my writing energy for the Shinecast project. 1. Write a how-to book and … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 12: An Interview with History

The prompt for Day 12 of Claudia Altucher's Become an Idea Machine is to identify a famous person from history and think of 10 questions I'd like to ask this person. My obvious choice is, of course, Benjamin Franklin. Here are 11 questions for my hero, Benjamin Franklin 1. Please explain your reasoning behind not seeking patents on your inventions. 2. Do you think corporations are entitled … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 10: Meetups

Today's Idea Machine topic is to come up with 10 meet-ups I could organize for my local area and include ideas about how to make sure everyone participates. Ben Franklin was the master of organizing meet-ups in Philadelphia, back in the day. The meet-up ideas are pretty simple and some of them may already exist in my area. 1. Form a Ben Franklin-style Junto book club for book discussions … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 9: Airlines Show Love to Coach

Today's Become an Idea Machine topic is, to paraphrase slightly, to list 10 ways that commercial airlines could make air travel more pleasant for us. Here goes: 1. Provide free noise-canceling headphones. 2. Give us free fresh fruit. 3. Place a fresh flower on each seat cushion. 4. Guarantee space in overhead bin. 5. Provide more oxygen (better air quality). 6. Have the pilot … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 8: 10 Movies

Today's prompt for the Idea Machine project is to list 10 movies that made a deep impression and explain why. This project was inspired by Claudia Altucher's new book, Become an Idea Machine, which itself was prompted by her husband's 10 ideas practice. I'm listing these in the order they popped into my head as I wrote them in my moleskine. They aren't necessarily my favorite movies (some … [Read more...]

Idea Machine, Day 7: Favorite Books of All Time

Books are the focus for day 7 of Claudia Altucher's new book, Become an Idea Machine—which I adopted as a blogging project for The Ben Franklin Follies. Here are some of favorite books of all time and why, which explain a little bit about what I learned from them. I'm basically typing directly from my journal entry the morning of January 31 with little-to-no additional thought or editing. In a … [Read more...]