A Cat in Gloves

A cat in gloves catches no mice. -- Ben Franklin from an issue of Poor Richard's Almanack. This may be my favorite of all the aphorisms compiled and published by Ben in Poor Richard's Almanack. And, thusly: "A cat in gloves catches no mice" marks the launch of a new Monday feature on The Ben Franklin Follies — The Monday Motivator. Look for this post each Monday between 6 and 8 a.m. One reason … [Read more...]

Warby Parker: Doing Well By Doing Good

Benjamin Franklin is know for his philosophy of "doing well by doing good." Ben also invented bifocals (and didn't pursue a patent). I recently ran across this brief news story in the Financial Times about a new company, Warby Parker, which seems to have Ben Franklin's philosophy as part of its core mission. Warby Parker sells affordable, vintage-inspired eyewear. Nothing particularly new there. … [Read more...]

Political Compromise: The Original, Orginalist Thinking

We hear a lot about what the Founders of our nation intended. Politicians chastise judges with whom they disagree for not following the requisite "originalist intent." Elected judges campaign for office by swearing they will follow the intent of the founders. Supreme Court Justices (past and present), legal scholars and TV pundits write books about Constitutional originalism. So whatever happened … [Read more...]