Carolina Chickadee: June 4, 2012

Last week (June 4, 2012) we had a nice rainy morning, so I spent a couple of hours on my covered patio watching the rain and watching the birds come in to my feeders for a rainy morning snack. Here are a few pics of what I think is a Carolina Chickadee. I say "think" because I discovered that the Carolina Chickadee and Black-capped Chickadee are quite similar in appearance. As best I can … [Read more...]

House Finches: June & Early July 2011

Thrilled to find that I have at least one pair of house finches visiting my feeders. I don't see them regularly but I've photographed them on two recent days. July 2, 2011 These next three photos were taken June 22, 2011, my first spotting: If these are something other than house finches, please let me know. I'm a novice at identifying birds. Especially in differentiating species … [Read more...]

House Sparrows

When I moved into my house last year, I discovered I had a nest of baby birds in the eaves over my covered patio. At the time, I didn't know the species. I later determined that these were house sparrows. I happened to be home the day they learned to fly. It was so much fun watching them sail off the beam, down to the deck rail and take off again. Papa Sparrow apparently lives here year round … [Read more...]