Dali’s Phone Chat

Dali is a cat I rescued when I lived in Oklahoma. He lives with my parents now. Everyone who meets Dali says he's the coolest cat they've ever known. He is amazing. Today, I was talking with my mom by phone. She had to leave the phone for a couple of minutes to look something up for me. I switched my phone to "speaker" mode so I could type while I waited. Suddenly, I heard what sounded like … [Read more...]

Willow the Cat

Willow the Cat's story is another amazing example of why animal rescue stories always fascinate me. I first learned about Willow's story via this Huffington Post share of Jim Fitzgerald's story for AP. I tweeted it and my tweet was retweeted by several of my friends. At the time, I was the second or third "tweet" via the HuffPo Twitter-sharing tool (that's not to say I was the second person to … [Read more...]

Another tornado-miracle cat: Jack reunited with family

My dear friends who run the Alabama Tornado Pets blog are reporting another miracle story. Joni Crowe, cat rescuer, set up a feeding station across the street from Jack's old home (which was completely blown away by one of the April 27 tornadoes). Jack, an orange tabby, hadn't been seen since the storm and the family assumed he'd been killed. Miracle of miracles, Jack showed up at the feeding … [Read more...]

Rascal makes it home

Another amazing story about a cat who survived the April 27 tornadoes. Rascal was missing for 75 days but suddenly turned up early this week, under his owners' truck. Definitely worse for the experience, but alive and will likely make a full recovery after his surgery. via Concord cat returns home after missing for 75 days. Here's the link to ABC 33/40 news report on Rascal's miracle … [Read more...]

Mog the Cat – Swimming to Rejuvenate Paralyzed Muscles

As a cat lover, I'm always game to share interesting news about cats, especially when it's inspiring:   Mog is getting hydrotherapy to help him recover from injuries he suffered when hit by a car. … [Read more...]

Adorable lady finds missing cat during interview outside tornado-ruined home

Adorable lady finds missing cat during interview outside tornado-ruined home - Yahoo! News. Amazing story. … [Read more...]