Montrose, Colorado: Sunday Sign

This week's Sunday Sign gives a shout-out to lovely Montrose, Colorado.  I've had the pleasure of visiting Montrose a couple of times since my brother and his family moved there in 2008.   Montrose is located in the southwestern quadrant of Colorado, in the Uncompahgre Valley, in lands originally populated by the Ute Indians. White settlers arrived in the Valley in the 1870s but could … [Read more...]

Willow the Cat

Willow the Cat's story is another amazing example of why animal rescue stories always fascinate me. I first learned about Willow's story via this Huffington Post share of Jim Fitzgerald's story for AP. I tweeted it and my tweet was retweeted by several of my friends. At the time, I was the second or third "tweet" via the HuffPo Twitter-sharing tool (that's not to say I was the second person to … [Read more...]

Sunday Sign: Geology of the Telluride Valley

This week's sign describes the geology of the Telluride Valley. I paid my first visit to Telluride on August 2, 2010 and fell in love with the town. Most people know Telluride for its skiing and music festivals, but Telluride is quite different than some of the other popular ski areas. Telluride was established as a mining town, so it has a long history that predates commercialized skiing and … [Read more...]