Alabama Irrigation Project & Water Management

Even in a water rich state like Alabama, where average annual rainfall is plentiful,  agricultural irrigation can provide the difference between success and failure. Ask anyone who has a backyard garden. For the medium and large-scale farming operations, though, irrigation is not a widely-used practice in Alabama. The absence of irrigation has probably contributed to the decline in agriculture … [Read more...]

Rain Barrel Filled to Overflowing…

My new rain barrel filled to overflowing in less than 20 minutes this afternoon. Before today's thunderstorm—a real "gullywasher"—the barrel was about 20-25% full thanks to a brief shower over the weekend. Given the short duration of that rain, I was shocked at how much collected. Based on the weekend collection, I knew today's heavy rain would fill the barrel. But I had no idea it would fill … [Read more...]