003 Shine Springs Farm Podcast Episode 3

Episode 003 of the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast features our first interview. Our guest is Margaret Purcell of Katie Farms in Coker, Alabama. Margaret and Jon Fleenor purchased Katie Farms in 2005 and have grown the farm steadily over the past seven years. Visit Katie Farms online. Margaret and Jon started with chickens—free range, of course—and a vegetable patch. Local restaurants … [Read more...]

UVM Food Systems Summit Public Conference: Storify Recap

Last week I was a part of the University of Vermont's Breakthrough Leaders Program. As part of our VERY intensive week of food systems leadership training, the Breakthrough Leaders attended the UVM Public Conference: "Leading the Necessary [r]Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems: AMPLIFIED" held on Thursday, June 28, 2012 from 1-6 p.m. During the public conference I took as many notes as I … [Read more...]

Where Food Comes From: June 2012 Edition

Real food is an integral part of my life and always has been. I was fortunate to grow up here:   And my parents still own and live on this 220-acre farm in Northwest Alabama. They've always had a garden, although the size has varied, depending on their family and professional responsibilities. Now that they've retired, the scope of gardening has picked up again. During my childhood … [Read more...]

Remembering Sparky

It just occurred to me that it was one year ago that we said goodbye to our farm dog, Sparky. He was a faithful companion and guard to hearth and home. Sparky was old and infirm and finally his heart gave out. We took him to the vet and said our last goodbyes on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010 around 1 pm. Sparky was the alpha of our dog family. Roxy (Beagle) and Nick (Golden Retriever) said … [Read more...]