Jackson’s Military Road

This week's Sunday Sign highlights Jackson's Military Road in Northwest Alabama. The road plays a central role in the history of Northwest Alabama, from pioneer settlements to rock-and-roll iconography. The road itself was built by American soldiers under the leadership of General Andrew Jackson, following the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. The military road was completed in 1820 and shortened … [Read more...]

Mae Frances Nelson & Daily Bread Barbecue

When I was a teen, my grandmother introduced me to Mae Frances Nelson, a beautiful person and wonderful cook. Mrs. Nelson is known all around the South for her homemade caramel cakes and other delicious Southern foods she serves at Daily Bread Barbecue in Russellville, Alabama. I don't recall whether Miss Mae Frances had already opened Daily Bread Barbecue at that time in the late 1970s but my … [Read more...]

Sunday Sign: Byler’s Old Turnpike

The Byler's Old Turnpike historical marker is located at the intersection of Franklin County Road 68 and State Route 99 (also known as County Line Road) at the Franklin County/Lawrence County line in northwest Alabama. I learned some fascinating history about Byler's Old Turnpike (and Lawrence County) during my visit last Wednesday to Kinlock Monument and Kinlock Falls in the Bankhead National … [Read more...]