How to Shine

The quickest route to the top of the mountain, to the place where you can truly shine, requires three steps: You must be willing to explore so you can discover your true purpose and calling. You must find inspiration and be an inspiration to others. Through exploration, discovery and inspiration you'll grow. Without growth, we become stagnant. Like an unused muscle, we experience … [Read more...]

Changes Coming to The Ben Franklin Follies

For the past two months I've spent a lot of time exploring ways that I can make The Ben Franklin Follies more useful to you. I've finally settled on a revamped focus, so over the next few weeks you'll be noticing some changes. Here's a quick video preview: [leadplayer_vid id="513FE30208F54"]   In addition to the regular text posts, I'll be adding more video to the mix. The goal … [Read more...]