Wilson Park in Florence, Alabama

This week's Sunday Sign tells us a bit about the history of Woodrow Wilson Park in downtown Florence, Alabama. Wilson Park is about as pretty as small parks come.... If you haven't been to Florence, Alabama you really must visit...... Humans, dogs, cats, birds....all are welcome.... The Sunday Sign is a weekly feature of The Ben Franklin Follies.   … [Read more...]

The Shirley Place

The Shirley Place in Northport, Alabama is featured as this week's Sunday Sign.       Related Posts The Sunday Sign is a weekly feature of The Ben Franklin Follies. … [Read more...]

Sunday Sign: Site of Confederate Fort: Florence, Ala.

This week's sign is a historical marker at the site of an (apparently) unnamed Confederate Fort on the Tennessee River in Florence, Alabama, built under the leadership of Confederate Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles. I ran across this historical marker in Florence when I was in town for a rain-barrel workshop at the Lauderdale County Extension Office.  The sign is on street corner of Veteran's … [Read more...]

Sunday Sign: Roxy Theatre, Russellville, Alabama

This week's Sunday Sign celebrates the Roxy Theatre in Russellville, Alabama: The earliest movies I can remember seeing in a theatre are Georgy Girl and Bonnie & Clyde. My parents took me with them to see those movies when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Neither film is what you'd call a "kids flick." I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who can say they saw both of those films at a theatre as … [Read more...]

Sunday Sign: Byler’s Old Turnpike

The Byler's Old Turnpike historical marker is located at the intersection of Franklin County Road 68 and State Route 99 (also known as County Line Road) at the Franklin County/Lawrence County line in northwest Alabama. I learned some fascinating history about Byler's Old Turnpike (and Lawrence County) during my visit last Wednesday to Kinlock Monument and Kinlock Falls in the Bankhead National … [Read more...]