Kelly Hogan: Singing My Life…

I’ve never met Kelly Hogan. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know me. So when I first heard a few songs off her latest album back in May 2012  it seemed odd to hear her singing all about my life. Then I heard the entire album. More songs about my life. Scary. But scary in a good way. Uncanny thematic accuracy perhaps is a better way to describe what I heard in Hogan'ssongs. Maybe it’s because she … [Read more...]

Words Without Deeds

Last Friday I drove down to Tuscaloosa for a concert by My Morning Jacket, Neko Case and Phosphorescent. Proceeds from the show went to the United Way Tuscaloosa tornado relief fund. Before the show, the musicians toured the path of the tornado and saw the destruction first hand. Neko Case posted this photo via Twitter. It's a scrap of writing she found amidst the … [Read more...]