The Solitary Seagull

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I wrote this poem last weekend after sharing a spot of beach with a lone shorebird:

We are one, you and I.
Literally and metaphorically.
You stand against the stiff breeze,
Observing the Gulf expanse and then
Observing me
As I arrive to share this moment in time
With You.

I take my seat on the white sand
To contemplate the vast horizon,
The possibility it inspires, and the
Confidence that comes with knowing the waves do not need my help.

I contemplate you
Solitary sea gull.
Why are you here?
Why do you remain after I arrive?

We speak to one another in silence,
Through the power of the Creator who placed us here
Right now, for this time of communion.
Since you do not speak in human words
I will be your voice for posterity.

We are kindred spirits who find solace
In the profound wonder of nature and the
Infinite possibilities open to each of us.
We must be still,
And willing to receive


What we need is available to each of us.

Be safe on your journey, my friend.
And be well.

© 2012 Sheree Martin

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