Uniforms, Day 32: Idea Machine Project

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Uniforms - The Idea Machine Project

Well, today’s idea machine prompt is a bit peculiar…..10 uniforms I could wear in public to see what kind of a response I get.

I’m blogging my way through Claudia Altucher’s book, Become an Idea Machine.

Here are my 10 Uniforms:

1. Band Uniform

2. Cowboy Suit, with Spurs

I always had a cowboy suit as a little girl. I got a new one for Christmas every year.

Sheree in Cowboy Suit

3. Baseball Uniform

4. Beekeeper Suit

I have one, so it would be easy.

5. Devo

I dressed up like a member of Devo for a party back in college. That was fun. I’ve wanted to do it again, but I rarely go to costume parties.

6. 1890s-era Ice Cream Suit

7. Rowing/Crew Uniform

8. Old-school Nurse’s Uniform

Not the scrubs-style. The kind from the 1940s-1960s.

9. Auto Mechanic

10. Chef’s Outfit

The one with the tall hat.

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