UVM Food Systems Summit Public Conference: Storify Recap

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Last week I was a part of the University of Vermont’s Breakthrough Leaders Program. As part of our VERY intensive week of food systems leadership training, the Breakthrough Leaders attended the UVM Public Conference: “Leading the Necessary [r]Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems: AMPLIFIED” held on Thursday, June 28, 2012 from 1-6 p.m.

During the public conference I took as many notes as I could manage, while simultaneously live-tweeting (until my phone battery died) and shooting pics. And listening. And absorbing information.

When I arrived home Saturday, I started using Storify to curate the public tweets that included #UVMSummit. Here’s the result of that effort (notes explaining how the curation process can be found at the end). The intent is to provide a comprehensive account of the public conference. I intend to write separate blog posts elaborating on many of the speakers, who also led more detailed sessions during other parts of the Breakthrough Leaders Program.



  1. I’m sure I missed some tweets about the event because a few of the tweets I know I sent didn’t show up in the Storify search and, instead, showed up as RTs by others. But Twitter’s API can sometimes be funky when it comes to search-and-retrieval.
  2. The Flickr/Storify API didn’t result in photos being retrieved in chronological order, so that meant it took longer to insert the photos into the right spot in Storify account.
  3. Also, not sure why but the Flickr photos show up as being shot on Wednesday at a set time. My camera is capturing the correct date/time data, so I have no idea what’s up with the incorrect date/time info transmitted by Flickr to Storify when I embedded the photos.
  4. Had I thought about doing a Storify account of the event before the final hour or so, I would probably have taken more notes.
  5. I used my editorial discretion to minimize discretion (eliminated many RTs and tried to include tweets from a range of voice, although most tweets were sent by a core group of individuals).
  6. Once I had the tweets compiled, I organized them into a cohesive chronological order, as best I could, to achieve narrative continuity. Then I inserted a selection of my photos (all of which are available here on Flickr).
  7. I included the bios of each speaker as written in the Conference program.
  8. To the extent I found anything in my notes that wasn’t reflected in the Twitter stream, or expanded upon something tweeted, I added some explanatory text from my notes.
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